With a fashion editor's eye, she sifts through the eco-ether to find the stuff you and I might actually wear: everything from green boutiques and designers to the best vintage on ebay.
-NYLON magazine

Designer Jill Danyelle has created a smart chronicle of her adventures in New York's sustainable style world.  An edgy Carrie Bradshaw with a fashion conscience, her ruminations are worth a regular perusal... Jill uses her discerning eye to nab the interesting and innovative.

JILL I LOVE THE ARTICLE. ITS REALLY GREAT!! and fits perfectly into my issue.
-Kim Hastreiter, co-founder & editor PAPER magazine

Writer, pundit, green fashion expert and eco-designer extraordinaire, Jill’s creativity and passion for sustainable fashion is totally infectious... [her] blog, fiftyRX3, has been one of our favorite stops in the blogosphere since its early days.

The geometry of this garment is very clever. The chevron baffles to form the bubble shape is superb. Bucky Fuller wants the next dance please... [regarding the umbrella dress]
-Scott Hahn, co-founder, Loomstate Jeans

...the site [fiftyRX3] has been such a terrific resource.
-Kate McGregor, owner KAIGHT boutique

Just found your blog []... really, really, really good stuff. Thank you for that and for the inspiration.
-Paige Appel, Bash Please event planning

You are a STAR.  This is great.  Thanks for being so thorough and thoughtful in your selections. I think you have given us a really great mix of the three Rs...
-Simran Sethi, journalist, tv host, producer

Not often do I find a blog that I could read for hours, much less e-mail the author. However, your blog [The Laboratory] is beautiful + inspiring. fiftyRX3 was fantastic as well. You have a great eye and I hope to frequent your site daily.
-Lee Cerre, lead designer, EVERLANE

I particularly love the style blogs that show how living sustainably can easily be achieved. Some of my favorites are still “the originals” like Jill Danyelle’s fiftyRX3.
-Sarah Scaturro, textile conservator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

...I suggested your site as the best eco-fashion portal... Your coverage, is, as usual, fantastic.
-Starre Vartan, journalist

I have wanted to say that your write-ups create a nice edge for the site...  I think that your pieces provide a good angle on pushing the envelope...
-Abigail Doan, textile artist and journalist

Today this eco-conscious life-caching seems like a common activity but back when bloggers still hid behind faux names, Danyelle was pretty much a pioneer in revealing herself to achieve a greater awareness among many.
-Piers Fawkes, founder PSFK Trends & Innovation

fiftyRX3 was the very first eco-fashion blog I ever came across. I can’t even tell you what a huge impact this site had on my decision to go for a 100% green wardrobe.
-Martha Tagney, blogger

I've been silently following your blogs for a while now and just thought I'd let you know that you have truly inspired me. You have changed the way I see eco fashion and I think you've got a real knack to spreading the eco vibe! 
-Jennifer Jarvis, fashion designer


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