fiftyRX3 was a year long web-based project examining the crossroads of style and sustainability. Aside from its personal exploration, the project hoped to shatter outdated images of sustainable design in fashion. Starting in the fall of 2005, I photographed everything I wore for a year with a goal of being 50% sustainable in my wardrobe. Sustainability was based on the eco-mantra "reuse, reduce, recycle", hence the title fiftyRX3. I also created a small collection of clothing, including a dress made from broken umbrellas that were reclaimed from the streets of New York. The project exceeded my expectations on a personal level and I was humbled to be included in several books on sustainable living and receive international press, including ELLE, Madame Figaro, Glamour, NYLON, PAPER, I.D. and The Chicago Tribune.

The fiftyRX3 project ended in 2006 and the website is no longer viewable. The biggest reward of the project was when readers or design students wrote in to say that they had changed the way they viewed fashion. Although I have moved on to other design endeavors, this project remains dear to my heart and I carry its influence with me. Thanks for your interest.

-Jill Danyelle