Just got home... everything looks amazing!! I officially feel like I'm living in a magazine shoot : )

Your ideas are locked in! I can't wait to show you how it's turning out, let me know if you want to stop by. You rock!

Wow, there are certainly a lot of great ideas here. I am sure I will use them. I especially like the color combinations and love the plant idea. Also, the paintings were great. All of the items were good selections. And you are right, just about everything depends on the previous item ....all starting with the sofa. Thank you for all of your work!

I've had such a great experience working with you!  In these past few months, you've truly broadened my horizons with respect to design and decorating. I've come to appreciate styles and options I never would have considered. From the reorganization of the living room at our first meeting and all along the way, you've offered so many great ideas. I appreciate so much the thoughtfulness and patience you've shown throughout this project. The experience has had a great impact on me. Thank you!

I enjoyed very much our conversation today. Thank you for all the helpful info, links and detailed suggestions. I am making progress.

We had some friends over unexpectedly last night and they just keep saying how the change made our place more homey! We really feel the openness of everything has made the space more inviting and saw the physical proof as friends felt free to throw bags on chairs, move around and not feel tied down to one narrow path from the living room to the kitchen. Incredible!!! It's like Christmas morning when we woke up because I just wanted to run to see the changes we made to the front of the house! We both have ideas racing and I know it's because the block of energy in the apartment has been released and we are now liberated to explore. WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!!

Here's a quick update on the nursery:
1) walls painted
2) received crib, love it
3) installed light fixture, LOVE LOVE it.  Will buy one for the kids room too
4) received rug, LOVE it.
5) bought the bedding and decal.  LOVE it!


Thanks for the updated photos... We've made several purchases, most notably the antique sideboard which arrived via movers today. It's amazing. We also bought the Turkish rug, two of the metal carts, and several of the small accessories. Hoping to buy the shelving this weekend and start in on the office!